Limited Edition
Metallic Pink Favia
Favia sp.

Metallic Pink Favia Reeffarmers First Edition Seed. The metallic pink pigmentation
within the corallite center of this coral is very intense. Note the bluish ridges and the grains
or spots of pigment located between the corallite centers. This coral should be able to
develop even more exotic pigmentation over time.
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The incredible Metallic Pink Favia develops an exotic hot pink pigmentation within its corallite center area. Under moderate halides this pink has intensified and has become what can be best described as a metallic pink coloration (see image above). This is a fairly new Favia coral that appears to have other pigments located outside the corallite center. This pigments could develop some more exotic coloration patterns over time.

John Dakan of YourReef discovered this coral at a wholesaler within California. He initially noticed a slight unusual shade of color within the corallites center. John acquired the coral in early 2008 and was maintaining the coral under weak illumination since Favias generally do better under low light conditions. Reeffarmers acquired two seed sections in April 2008. We exposed the seed sections to slightly stronger 20,000 K halide illumination. The pink color in the center of the corals corallites exploded with intensity when exposed to the slightly stronger illumination.

We were unable to distribute this coral in 2009 and through the first half of 2010. This is because the coral suffered some slow growth after fragmentation and was nearly lost to algae infestations. We have since managed to grow about a quarter sized seed section and will be harvesting this coral toward the end of 2010. As far as we know we are the only coral farming operation to save and grow this coral.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of the Metallic Pink Favia for in an 80 gallon naturally filtered Bi-Zonal Reef Aquarium. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate to weak light under a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. The coral appears to require moderate to weak illumination to intensify its metallic pink color. The price is currently $80 per small fragment.

Please note Reeffarmers is no longer taking new reservations for new corals. The current economic conditions are not supportive for reservations that extend for a few years into the future. After this first edition is distributed, we will sell future captive produced fragments on either our Buy It Now page or via another silent auction. We will still list exotic corals as Limited Editions and will continue to build web pages for them.

Metallic Pink Favia Year 2008 Old Auctioned Edition Schedule

First Edition Auctioned for $92.00 through CFM Auctions
Second Edition Auctioned through CFM Auctions Sold for $65.00

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