Auctioned Edition
Orions Maze Chalice
Echinophyllia sp.

Retired August 2010 !

Kenny Hsi's Orion's Maze Chalice parent colony. At first look this amazing chalice coral resembles
our recently retired LE Psychedlic Chalice. The surface pattern of bright pink red lines develop
psychedlic-like patterns. The corallites on this chalice coral are much larger then the Psychedelic chalice.
This coral has also been grown in captivity for a couple of years and has fully adapted.
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The Orion's Maze Chalice has lines of pink red pigmentation that develop patterns similar to the retired LE Psychedelic Chalice coral. Stripes of pigment radiate outward from the corallites. The main surface also contains turquoise pigments located inbetween the pink red pigmentation (see image above). The corallites on the Orion's Maze Chalice are unique and are very large. The inside of the corallites contain a solid turquoise pigmentation. On top of this turquoise pigmentation there are bright spots of pink red. The mouths of the corallites also contain short pink red stripes (see image below). The Orion's Maze Chalice was originally acquired by Kenny Hsi ( He found this coral within a Southern California Reef Shop in 2006. Kenny has the parent colony and has distributed a seed colony to Reeffarmers. This coral is named after Kenny's son who has the middle name of Orion. This coral does best for Kenny in low to moderate lighting with moderate current. He has the coral placed on a sand bed under a 250 watt metal halide. Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of the Orion's Maze Chalice for in a 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal Reef Aquarium. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate to weak light under a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. It appears that this coral will develop its brightest pink coloration under moderate to weak lighting. Please note - Reeffarmers retired this coral in August of 2010. We lost our seed. If we can get another seed we might bring this coral out of retirement.

Orion's Maze Chalice corallite closeup. The corallite has a solid turquoise pigmentation that is very bright.
On top of the base pigmentation, spots of pink red pigments are plainly visible. Corallites are very large
which helps to make this coral distinct from the AE Psychedlic Chalice.
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Orion's Maze Chalice First Edition fragment. A closeup image of the actual First Editon AE fragment. Polyp was partially extended for this image.
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