Auctioned Edition
Pumpkin Pie
FragFarmer Leptoseris

Retired August 2010 !

Reeffarmers Seed Fragment imaged on July 25th 2006.
This low light brilliant orange colored
Pumpkin Pie coral appears to be easy to maintain.
Image Copyright © 2006 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

This Leptoseris-like coral has a brilliant solid orange pigmentation. It grows a thick plating structure with tentacles and polyp mouths on the surface. The Pumpkin Pie coral was found and named by Eric Caamano of the online Retail Shop . Eric recieved the coral in a shipment from Jakarta in late 2005. The coral prefers weak to moderate light levels and it can be target fed. The original colony is imaged below and note the pumpkin pie-like appearance of the coral. Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed farming section of the Pumpkin Pie coral for in one of his 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal Reef Aquarium. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positoned to recieve weak light under a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. Please note - Reeffarmers retired this ciral in August 2010. We had lost the seed and demand was beginning to fall.

FragFarmers Parent Colony. Note plating Leptoseris form.
Image Copyright © 2006 by Eric Cammano and FragFarmers All Rights Reserved.

Pumpkin Pie Coral Leptoseris sp. Year 2008 Old Auctioned Edition Schedule

Sixth Edition Auctioned through CFM Auctions for $81.50

Pumpkin Pie Coral Leptoseris sp. Year 2007 Old Auctioned Edition Schedule

Third Edition Auctioned for $82.00 though CFM Auctions
Fourth Edition Auction Lot BA028 at 2007 BA-CFM event May 20th
Fifth Edition Auctioned for $84.00 through CFM Auctions

Pumpkin Pie Leptoseris sp. Year 2006 Old Auctioned Edition Schedule

First Edition Auctioned for $80.00 through CFM Auctions
Second Edition Auctioned for $80.00 through CFM Auctions

Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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