Authentic Edition - Public Auction - Leng Sy Montipora

Authentic Edition AE
Leng Sy Montipora
Third Public Auction
Bidding Closed Winning Bid SE-CFM in Atlanta May 16 2015

AE - Leng Sy Montipora - Third Public Auction - Bid Record
A Live Auction was held at the SE-CFM Coral Show and Conference in Atlanta on May 16th 2015. Attendamce for this event was about half of max expectations, but we ended up with a small crowd gathered just for this auction. The auction was operated by the ARC (Atlanta Reef Club). There ended up being two serious bidders that took the price up over $100 quickly. One of these bidders was a serious collector looking for this particular fragment. He had contacted Reeffarmers before the auction event. The other bidder was just a collector of cool corals and had no idea what he was bidding on, but he wanted it. At the $200 max bid point, both auction bidders agreed to split the coral in two at the $200 price mark. There is nothing Reeffarmers can do if two bidders reach an agreement like this. So we sold it at the $200 top winning bid mark. The collector of cool corals told Reeffarmers he was prepared to go up to $300 no problem. And the serious collector was already bidding with a credit card. So without the agreement between bidders, this coral would have gotten to at least $300 is our guess. Becuase of our 24 hour live guarantee, Reeffarmers agreed to make the frag for the winners. We broke this Third Public Auction fragment into two sections. There were also three tiny shards that broke off accidently. The serious collector got two of these shards and he is Mike Brewster. The cool corals collector got one shard and he is Marion Persad.

AE Leng Sy Montipora - Third Public Auction - Actual Auction Fragment

Reeffarmers Leng Sy Montipora Third Actual Auction Fragment Image by Steve Tyree.
Fragment was Harvested from Initial Elegant-Coral Seed Section on April 11th 2015.
Size Description - Max Diameters are 1 inch Left to Right x 7/8 inch Top to Bottom.
Frag Section Contains Many New Large Nodules that are Growing Into Spires.
Outer Edge Purple Area Developing and the Frag has Started Encrusting.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.
Reeffarmers Leng Sy Montipora Third Actual Auction Fragment Side View Image by Steve Tyree.
Outer Left Edge Has Started to Redevelop the extensive Purple Pigments.
The Many Spire nodules can be Seed in this Side image View.
Polyps were Partially Retracted when these Images were Taken May 10th.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.
AE Leng Sy Montipora - Third Public Auction - Auction Rules
Steve Tyree will be operating this auction for Reeffarmers. We are accepting two forms of bids for this third auction. Live bidding at the SE-CFM event on May 16th where bid increments will be a minimum of $5. And we will accept email or facebook messanger bids with a private maximum bid up until 5 pm Central Thursday May 14th. Send email bids to . The results of private email bids will be placed on this web page before we leave for Atlanta with the maximum bids kept private until needed. We will update the page when we return from Atlanta. We will not accept live email bids or live Facebook bids in Atlanta. The logistics would be just too difficult. We will have our hands full with the live bids, but will use the top email or Facebook messanger bids when needed live. There might be an exception to this rule if the email or facebook messanger bids get run up high before the event.

Please note the winning bid must be paid by the end of the event in Atlanta at 6 PM on May 16th. We accept cash, paypal and will have a credit card swiper with us at the event. We will not be able to ship this coral from the road. So the winning bidder must pick up at the Atlanta SE-CFM event on May 16th or can pick up on Sunday May 17th at the Birmingham Alabama CFM event. There is also a possibility that we could deliver the coral to a winning bidder in the Dallas Forth Worth area on Monday. We will be traveling on interstate 20 between Atlanta and Abilene Texas. Either way the winning auction amount has to be paid by 6 PM on May 16th.

Bid increments for email and facebook messanger maximum bids are $10 before the live auction event. Email and Facebook Messager Bidders must give Full Legal Name, Phone Number and Physical Address. Full legal names of bidders will be placed in the public bid history. We wont know full names for live bidders in Atlanta and they may just be listed as live bidder in the bid history. A Facebook status update will be made when the winning bidder is known and we will contact all email and facebook messanger bidders to let them know of status changes of their bids whenever possible. There is a reserve price of $150. No sale possible if winning bid is below $150.

In the case of tie bids, the first bid received is the winning bid. The tie bids will actually be recorded with the first bid winner listed on top. Auction amount is the payment amount. There is no retail or wholesale pricing. Only the auction pricing. Live arrival is guaranteed for 24 hours after receipt of coral. Image of dead coral must be sent within 48 hours of recieving the coral to get the live arrival guarantee.

Employees and relatives of Elegant-Corals are not permitted to place bids. Employess and relatives of Reeffarmers are not permitted to place bids. People who are acquiring fragments of this first wave of fragments in private transactions are not permitted to place bids. All bids will be placed manually and reviewed before being accepted.

AE Leng Sy Montipora - Third Auction - copyright Reeffarmers on April 13th 2015

Copyright © 2015 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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