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Authentic Editions - Authenticated and Documented - True Lineage Corals
AE Leng Sy Montipora - Authenticated Edition
Authentic Editions - Definition
Authentic Editions from Reeffarmers is a brand new class of Limited Edition corals. The entire class was created for the original certified Leng Sy Montipora. This line of fragments is the only line certified by the original coral owner and all the second generation coral owners who received seeds from the original owner. On this Authentic Edition AE page, we describe the history of the coral and the correct lineage of the coral. We also explain how the non-certified versions of this coral came into being as best we can. And also list all the current holders of the correct authenticated versions of the coral. Reeffarmers will document all the fragments that we distribute with certified images and names and contact information for all the recepients.
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