Montipora Capriconis Most Wanted

Montipora Capricornis

This cupping Montipora is either a capricornis or tuberculosa species. It was initially placed into a captive reef by Leng Sy of Irvine California USA. The original colony was just brown. Leng placed the colony under 400 watt 20,000 K radium metal halide bulbs. It was under this type of lighting that the leading edge of the coral developed an intense purple coloration. The purple edge actually extended for over an inch. The remaining part of the coral was brilliant green with many turbuculae or raised mounds on its surface. The photo above was taken by Steve Tyree. Unfortunately the original colony and small captive grown sections have all been lost. Steve Tyree managed to ship fragments to a few people in the latter part of 1996 and early part of 1997. Unfortunately we do not know everyone that recieved a living section of this coral. The ones we do have records of have lost it due to various accidental reasons. The last known people to have living sections of it were Mike Paletta and Bill Schroer. If anyone has recieved a section of this colony please inform It is one of our Most Wanted Stony Coral Colonies ! We are specifically looking for domestic US customers of DE that may have gotten a fragment of this coral between mid to late 1996 and mid 1997.

Update Year 2003 - After searching for 6 years we have come to the conclusion that the origianl Leng Sy coral was lost in captivity. No one that Steve Tyree sent fragments to, still has a living section of this coral. Leng Sy is still looking for the coral. Buyers should be aware that there has been at least two reef aquarists in recent years that have been claiming that they have or 'might have' a fragment of this original Leng Sy cap.. These claims have not been proven to be true. There has also been many claims that certain corals are just like the Leng Sy coral because they have a purple edge and are green. The original Leng Sy had the ability to develop extensive nodule growths on its surface. Not every species of Montipora can develop these extensive nodules. In addition to this, the purple edge on the Leng Sy was about 1 inch wide. Within the last year however there has been two reef aquarists that have developed very good copies or clones of the original Leng Sy. One of these aquarists sent images of his coral to We have also traded the aquarist for a fragment of his Leng Sy clone coral. Rafael has grown his coral from a fragment of a newly imported colony that was being held within a local fish store. Rafael's is located in Florida USA and his coral is shown below. Rafael has grown 4 separate colonies of this coral. The colony shown below on the left shows how this species can develop a very wide purple edge. The colony shown below on the right shows how this same species can develop very extensive nodule growths. You can contact Ralph Estenoz at the following email address.
Rafael Montipora Purple Edge
Rafael Montipora Nodule Growth

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