Limited Edition -
Goniopora stutchburyi

Retired June 2004 !

Goniopora stutchburyi Red

This Goniopora species has some of the smallest sized polyps of the entire Goniopora genus. It is often confused with Porites corals. It has a bright red coloration and polyps extend about 1/8 inch during the day. At first glance this coral definitly appears to be a red Porites stony coral. and the reeffarmer Steve Garret acquired this coral from Pacific Aqua Farms. We did not know what species it was at the time, but we decided to purchase the massive encrusting coral and cut it in half. Steve Garret used a Tile Saw to cut the coral in half. The half at has recovered nicely and has developed a deeper red coloration. The key to identifying this coral as a Goniopora is the fact that there are 24 tentacles per polyp. There was a different species of pink Goniopora that was exported from Jakarta between 2000 to 2002. Those species are rarely available now and that Goniopora actually had large polyps that extended farther then this new Limited Edition species. Steve Tyree is maintaining this coral for in one of his 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal EG Reef Aquariums. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positoned at about 23 inches from a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide that was 12 months old on 4/1/03. This coral can maintain its red pigmentation in moderate to weak lighting. Under intense lighting it will tend to be more pink then red. Water current is moderate. Starting in July 2003 is allowed to distribute 1 farmed fragment of this coral per month. Price is currently $60 per medium sized fragment. Starting in the year 2004 we are distributing 1 fragment of this coral per every two months due to its slow growth rate. The monthly and bimonthly limited edition reservation schedules can be found below.

Goniopora stutchburyi fragment 12 days after mounting.
Note encrusting growth beginning to cover the epoxy.

CORAL RETIRED June 2004. decided to retire the Limited Edition coral Goniopora stutchburyi during the summer of 2004. This was done for primarily one reason. The coral slowly bleached over a period of a year. It appears that this species of Goniopora may have long term issues within captivity. We distrubuted at least 7 fragments of this coral and the previous Limited Edition shipping history is listed below. If anyone who recieved a Limted Edition fragment of this coral wants to futhur distribute this interesting coral, please send us your email or web site link. Obviously you would need to figure out the long term captive issues with this particular species. We will add your email or web link to the Limited Edition History listed below. will not be growing any fragments of this coral. does not have any plans to reinstate the Limited Edition distribution of this coral in the future.

Goniopora stutchburyi Year 2004 BiMonthly Limited Edition Schedule

Shipped to P. Chung

Goniopora stutchburyi Year 2003 Monthly Limited Edition Schedule

Shipped to R. R.
Shipped to Alex
Shipped to S. L. R.
Shipped to D. S.
Shipped to D. M.
Shipped to O. A.

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