Limited Edition -
Acropora jacquelineae

Retired February 2003 !

Acropora jacquelineae Colony Top View

This is a very unique kind of Acropora that can be best desribed as an echinata table acropora. We have seen a few of these recently exported from Fiji. The polyps occur at the end of elongated corallite tubes. This gives the coral a bottlebrush type of branching form. This species can form flat plates containing these bottlebrush branches. This exotic coral is being farmed by Steve Tyree of Dynamic Ecomorphology (DE). Steve is maintaining the coral within a 235 gallon naturally filtered Quad-Zonal EG Reef Aquarium. This particular bottlebrush table has a 7 inch diameter. When the coral was first acquired it was brown with a hint of fluorescent green. Within Steve's system it is turning very solid bright green. Images of this specific species and morph in nature can be found within Corals of the World by Veron. Volume 1. Pages 384-385. Within that book the corals distribution map does not show this species as occurring within Fiji. We believe that the distribution map shown is in error. For example, 3 of the photos of this coral were listed as being taken within Papua New Guinea, but according to the distribution map it is not supposed to occur there. Also, this species was listed as being recently found in Palau within the book Staghorn Corals of the World by Wallace. We currently believe it is also found within Fiji according to the specimen we have acquired. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positoned at about 14 inches below a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. Water current is moderate. is now allowed to distribute 1 farmed fragment of this coral per month during the year 2003. Price is currently $50 per medium sized fragment. The monthly limited edition reservation schedule can be found below.

Acropora jacquelineae Colony Side View

CORAL RETIRED FEBRUARY 2003. decided to retire the Limited Edition coral Acropora jacquelineae at the beginning of 2003. This was done for a variety of reasons. The demand for this specific coral was weak. It was difficult to maintain at the time within the experimental quad zonal research aquarium we had located the coral into. The coral itself lacked any coloration besides a dull green. We distrubuted at least 5 fragments of the coral and the previous Limited Edition shipping history is listed below. If anyone recieved a Limted Edition fragment of this coral during this time frame who is not listed below, please send us an email. Also, if any of the reef aquarists who did recieve one of these fragments wants to futhur distribute this interesting coral, please send us your email or web site link. We will add the email or web link to the Limited Edition History listed below. will not be growing any fragments of this coral starting in January 2004. does not have any plans to reinstate the Limited Edition distribution of this coral in the future.

Acropora jacquelineae Year 2002 Monthly Limited Edition History

October - Fragment 1
Shipped to S. T.
October - Fragment 2
Shipped to C. C.
November - Fragment 1
Shipped to P. H.
November - Fragment 2
Record Lost
December - Fragment 1
Record Lost
December - Fragment 2
Shipped to J. S.

Acropora jacquelineae Year 2003 Monthly Limited Edition History

January - Fragment
Shipped to M. S.

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