Limited Edition -
Montipora aquituberculata
Jason Day Scrolling Montipora

Retired December 2003 !

Jason Day Scrolling Montipora aquituberculata Colony

This plating Montipora species has grown within captivity into nicely shaped scrolls. Its unique coloration is relatively easy to keep. The coral has a violet or purple bluish overall color. Polyps are colored dark purple. Jason Day of San Diego purchased this imported coral from Dynamic Ecomorphology in 2001. When bluish or purpleish capricornis-like plating Montiporas are imported, many of them quickly turn brown and lose their coloration. Jason was not only able to keep the corals original coloration, but the coral grew into multiple scrolls. Jason placed the coral along the bottom of his reef, which is illuminated with a 400 watt and 250 watt metal halide. Identifying the speciation of the coral has been somewhat difficult. It is either a true Montipora capricornis or a Montipora aquituberculata. Because the papillae on the surface of Jason's coral have formed hoods over the corallites, I personally believe this is a Montipora aquituberculata. Along the edge of Jasons coral the coral appears to be developing nodules or tube-like growths. The coral appears more brightly colored under brighter lighting (250 to 400 watt halides). This coral is currently being farmed by Steve Tyree and Jason Day. Steve has a parent colony located within one of his 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal EG reefs. Fragments consist of small sections of scrolling corals attached to small rocks. This particular growth morph is moderately difficult to keep and it is sensitive to being mounted with epoxy. is allowed to distribute 1 farmed fragment of this coral per month. Price is currently $65 per medium sized fragment. The monthly limited edition reservation schedule can be found below.

Jason Day Scrolling Montipora aquituberculata Fragment

CORAL RETIRED December 2003. decided to retire the Limited Edition coral Montipora aquituberculata Jason Day at the end of 2003. This was done for a variety of reasons. The demand for this specific coral was not incredibly strong. This was probably due to the coral becoming relatively wide spread within the reef community. It was also difficult at times to maintain the purple blue coloration within certain aquarists reef. This coral needed very intense lighting to develop its best pigmentation. We distrubuted at least 7 fragments of the coral and the previous Limited Edition shipping history is listed below. If anyone who recieved a Limted Edition fragment of this coral wants to futhur distribute this interesting coral, please send us your email or web site link. We will add the email or web link to the Limited Edition History listed below. will not be growing any fragments of this coral starting in January 2004. does not have any plans to reinstate the Limited Edition distribution of this coral in the future.

Jason Day Scrolling Montipora aquituberculata Year 2003 Monthly Limited Edition Schedule

February - Fragment
Shipped to S. T.
March - Fragment
Shipped to R. T.
April - Fragment
Shipped to A. A.
May - Fragment
Shipped to K. D.
June - Fragment
July - Fragment
Shipped to Alex
August - Fragment
Shipped to Marvin
September - Fragment
October - Fragment
November - Fragment
Shipped to R. A.
December - Fragment

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