Limited Edition -
Turbinaria reniformis

Retired December 2003 !

Turbinaria reniformis Colony

Turbinaria corals are generally either yellow or green. There are however some very rare Turbinaria reniformis specimens that have yellow edges, yellow polyps with a plate section that can develop a strong blue pigment. A picture of such a coral can be found in Corals of the World Volume 2 Page 396 Image 4. Bill Schroer of Ponape managed to locate a specimen with this color morph. He sent the large coral to a business associate of We have managed to acquire a large section of this colony and are making captive grown fragments from the plating colony. This coral is currently being farmed by Steve Tyree and it is located within one of his 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal EG reefs. Fragments consist of plates attached to small rocks. This particular growth morph appears to handle fragmentation very well. is allowed to distribute 1 farmed fragment of this coral per month. Price is currently $60 per medium sized fragment. The monthly limited edition reservation schedule can be found below.

Turbinaria reniformis Fragment

CORAL RETIRED December 2003. decided to retire the Limited Edition coral Turbinaria reniformis at the end of 2003. This was done for a variety of reasons. The demand for this specific coral was not incredibly strong. It was also difficult at times to maintain the blue coloration on the corals upper plate. This pigment would frequently fade during shipping to a customers reef. We distrubuted at least 12 fragments of the coral and the previous Limited Edition shipping history is listed below. If anyone who recieved a Limted Edition fragment of this coral wants to futhur distribute this interesting coral, please send us your email or web site link. We will add the email or web link to the Limited Edition History listed below. will not be growing any fragments of this coral starting in January 2004. does not have any plans to reinstate the Limited Edition distribution of this coral in the future.

Turbinaria Reniformis Year 2003 Monthly Limited Edition Schedule

January - Fragment
Picked up by S. G.
February - Fragment
Shipped to M. S.
March - Fragment
Shipped to J. L.
April - Fragment
Shipped to A. M.
May - Fragment
Shipped to A. A.
June - Fragment
Shipped to B. B.
July - Fragment
Shipped to S.L.R.
August - Fragment
Shipped to M. D.
September - Fragment
October - Fragment
Shipped to Marvin
November - Fragment
Shipped to F. W.
December - Fragment
Shipped to Amanda M.

Turbinaria Reniformis Year 2002 Monthly Limited Edition Schedule

November - Fragment
Shipped to D. T.
December - Fragment
Shipped to James

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