Limited Edition
Stolen Fire Chalice

Stolen Fire Chalice Limited Edition LPS Stony. Efrain Corals seed section.
From late 2009 to early 2011 we have seen a few amazing red rimmed chalices imported.
The Stolen Fire red rimmed chalice has a very bright rim that forms a mostly solid band.
Surface is colored solid turquoise that can appear more blue turquoise under 20,000 K lights.
Corallite eyes are solid red, while orange and red streaks can develop on the surface.
Image Copyright © 2011 by Efrain Corals All Rights Reserved.

One of the incredible red rimmed chalice corals. The Stolen Fire Chalice has a thick solid red rim that even develops on new cut areas. Sometimes turquoise colored rays can develop on top of the red edge band. This can give the red band a flame or fire appearence. Corallites are colored solid red. The surface of the coral is solid turquoise. Under 10,000 K it appears more green turquoise, while under 20,000 K it appears more blue turquoise. Red and orange lines can also develop on the surface. The turquoise base also contains some darker rays around the corallite eyes.

The Stolen Fire Chalice was named and acquired by Efrain Corals. They picked up the coral directly from Reef Aquariums of Miami during the 2011 SE-CFM coral show. Reeffarmers picked up our seed section from Efrain Corals during that same coral show. The coral was originally exported from Australia. Efrain Corals currently recommends moderate light and moderate water current.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of this coral for in a 130 gallon Raceway Gyre BiZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate to weak light levels from a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium metal halide. The first edition fragment of this coral was sold to private coral collector James Wensil.

Copyright © 2011 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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