Limited Edition
Sympodium Soft Coral

Sympodium Limited Edition Soft Coral. Reeffarmers Seed from Wet Thumb Frags imaged.
The relatively new and exotically colored Sympodium soft coral.
Note the blue turquoise mouth, turquoise green tentacles and the red pinnules.
This was the actual First Edition seed colony distributed by Reeffarmers.
Image Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

The Sympodium soft coral is a rare species that just began to be imported into the US during 2009. This soft coral develops an encrusting base that makes it fairly easy to propagate. From the base there are single polyp stalks that are bluish white with turquoise green colored tentacles. These tentacles also have short red colored pinnuless that give the polyp a flower like appearance. The polyp mouth area is colored blue to turquoise blue. For more information on the rare Sympodium coral see this Reefbuilders Sympodium article.

Reeffarmers has acquired two different seeds of this coral. Our first seed came from The Mystic Reef and they acquired the coral initially as a hitchhiker found on the base of a reef rock. The two closeup images below are of The Mystic Reef seed colony. After researching this coral we also discovered that Wet Thumb Frags had acquired a seed colony back in 2009. The top image above is of their seed. They have been selling cultured seeds when available. The last image below shows both colonies side by side and imaged with the same camera. They are almost identical. A slight difference in color can be seen in the polyp mouth area, but that may have been due to a difference in lighting that the seeds were grown under.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of this coral for in a 80 gallon Raceway TriZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone, semi-exposed zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive low to moderate light levels from a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium metal halide. Reeffarmers price for this coral per small seed colony will be determined by the First Edition Silent Auction.

Please note Reeffarmers is no longer taking new reservations for new corals. The current economic conditions are not supportive for reservations that extend for a few years into the future. After this first edition is distributed, we will sell future captive produced fragments on either our Buy It Now page or via a silent auction. We will still list exotic corals as Limited Editions and will continue to build web pages for them.

Sympodium Limited Edition Soft Coral Polyp Closeup. Reeffarmers Seed from The Mystic Reef imaged.
This Mystic Reef seed displays brighter blue mouth areas probably due to the reef lighting.
The red pinnules contrast sharply with the turquoise green tentacles and blue mouth area.
Image Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

Sympodium Limited Edition Soft Coral Tentacle Closeup. Reeffarmers Seed from The Mystic Reef imaged.
This image shows the fine structure of the red pinnules that grow from the polyp tentacles.
Also note the blue white colored stalk in the upper left of the image.
Image Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

Sympodium Soft Coral Wet Thumb Frags Seed on Left. The Mystic Reef Seed on Right.
This side by side comparison illustrates that these two different seeds are identical.
Image Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

Sympodium Soft Coral Year 2010 First Edition Silent Auction Closed - Sold
Bid Amount
Name of Bidder
$ 60.00
Shaun Moore Winning Bid

For this silent auction, bidders are required to give their full name and their winning bid along with an optional maximum bid. We will accept these bids via phone 909-989-9711. If no one is there leave a message. We also accept bids via email to . Email bids will be processed in order of their time stamp. Reeffarmers will be answering the phone from noon to 8 PM PST on the final auction day. Other days we will tend to be here in the afternoon and evening. Accepted payment for the final winning bidder is paypal. We do not use ebay and left them a few years ago for various reasons that many people now realize. And we also do not trust online automatic payment systems such as shopping carts ever since the old Coral Farmers Market auction site was attacked and hacked. The method we use for this silent auction is safe and secure. Please note - Your full real name will be displayed above. This is so the accuracy of the auction bidding process can be independently confirmed. Steve Tyree with Reeffarmers is the administrator for the auction. Bid increments are $5.00 . Next day shipping charge for this coral is $45.00 (UPS Express Saver). Local pickups have no shipping charge. California residents add 8.75 % sales tax.
Copyright © 2010 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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