Natural Coral Reef Geographical Locations

Western Samoa

Western Samoa is located north of Tonga and north-east of Fiji and contains two main islands. Reefs are found around most of the coasts but the size is limited when compared to the size of the islands. The northern and western coastlines have the most well developed reefs. Upolu Island has extensive wide barrier and fringing reefs in addition to six offshore islets. Palolo Deep on Upolu Island is a hole about 200 m in diameter and 10 m deep. There is a fringing reef where the fore reef slope and extensive submarine terraces have rich coral growth. Much of the Acropora on the reefs was killed in the past due to Acanthaster starfish infestations, but large Porites colonies generally survived. Savai'i is the largest of the Western Samoa Islands and has small areas of fringing reefs at Leanamoea and Cape Puava. In 1996 exportation of reef building stony corals occurred for awhile and some species are still alive in captivity and even producing offspring. The acropora was typically colorful thick staghorns. Some Pocillopora species were also shipped.

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