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This reeffarmers column covers a wide range of plagues that occasionally afflict the marine hobbyist. The intent is to provide an ever growing database of solutions to a wide range of problems, but with an emphasis on the various pests that crop up from time to time. Sometimes the articles will present a review of other aquarist's problem solving techniques and sometimes they will present information on a less common, but equally destructive invader. We will try to keep to a format that covers four basic areas: recognition, identification, description, and elimination/abatement of the problem. Recognition will be important when the problem is not directly observable but its effects can become apparent. An example would be the denuded skeleton of an acropora species from a grazing crab. The identification section will (hopefully) cover enough information to allow the reader to pinpoint the perpetrator. Here, we will provide images and verbal descriptions to assist the reader in identifying the culprit in his/her system. The description section will provide a little background on the organism. This background may or may not be useful in eliminating the problem, but many of these creatures are interesting even if they are munching on our fish and corals. And finally, these articles will cover the techniques we have used to combat the pest. We will also try to describe suggestions from other hobbyists or farmers. We invite readers to submit their own ideas and solutions as well. The individual articles written for this topic are listed below.

Elimination of a Predatory Nudibranch by Tracy Gray

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