Reeffarmers - This web site is the main distribution site for captive farmed cryptic seeds from the farming business Reeffarmers (owned and operated by Steve Tyree). Steve had also been farming and distributing captive stony corals from 1993 to 2017. Back in 1993 the captive maintainance of reef building stony corals was still considered impossible by many. Today there are literally thousands of reef aquarist around the world that are not only maintaining these corals, but they are successfully farming them. Reeffarmers main product line right now is Farmed Cryptic and Semi-Cryptic Sponge Seed Packs. For inquiries send an email to
Update - We stopped the retail sale of propagated coral in 2018.

Farmed Sponge Packs - Reeffarmers utilizes natural filtration systems based on Steve Tyree's Zonal Filtration Methodologies. We currently do not have any protein skimmers on any of our 2 farming reef systems. These zonal filtration methods primarily rely on cryptic sponges, but can also utilize sea squirts and bi-valves. Steve Tyree harvests excess cryptic organism growths and distributes these organisms via Reeffarmers on the Farmed Sponge page. The cryptic organisms are transported via tiny rock pieces that have cryptic organisms attached to them. These are seed rocks that can be utilized to seed a cryptic filtration zone with cryptic organisms. We recommend that customers fill the cryptic with some cheap bald porous old reef rock or structure. Then add our tiny seed rocks on top of the base rock. We are also constantly looking to lower the price of these packs, primarily caused by the living cryptic organisms that need to be shipped completely under water. So shipping costs are a significant factor in setting our prices.

Limited Editions - These corals had formed the main business within Reeffarmers from 2002 to 2017. Limited Edition (LE) corals were rare and exotic corals that Steve had collected.

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