Auctioned Edition
The Peace Coral
Favites sp.

Retired December 2008 !

Peace Coral Rarefrags Parent Colony Image. The coral has pink/red corallites and a green body.
This basic coloration pattern is the opposite of the War coral which has a red body with green corallites.
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This encrusting massive brain type coral has an incredible pigmentation pattern. The corallite centers are solid pink/red. This pink/red pigment radiates outward to the edge of the corallite which is bright green colored. In a basic sense this is the opposite pigmentation pattern that occurs in the Reeffarmers Auctioned Edition War Coral. That coral is a Favites pentagona that has a red body with bright green centers. The Peace Coral was found and named by Matt Juner of and Mike Obrien of . They believe that the Peace Coral may also be a Favites pentagona. The coral was initially found at an online vendors web site. It was very unusual but not very colorful initially. The coral developed its current incredible color in Mike and Matt's tank. In the closeup image below there are some faint stripping pigmentation patterns. In some areas blue pigments can develop more fully on the main body. This coral has all kinds of incredible pigment development possibilities Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed farming section of the Peace Coral for in one of his 125 gallon naturally filtered Tri-Zonal Reef Aquarium. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positoned to recieve weak to moderate light under a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium Metal Halide. Please note this coral was retired on December 2008 due to the loss of the seed.

Peace Coral Reeffarmers Seed Fragment Corallite Closeup.
Note the stripping that can occur. There are also blue pigments present.
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Peace Coral Year 2006 Quarterly Auctioned Edition Schedule

First Edition Ebay Auctioned for $175.00
No Bids. Price lowered to $150
Second Edition Auctioned for $100.00 at CFM Auctions
Third Edition Auctioned for $125 through CFM Auctions

Peace Coral Year 2007 Quarterly Auctioned Edition Schedule

Fourth Edition Auctioned for $100.00 through CFM Auctions.
Fifth Edition was Donated for Raffle at 2007 SW-CFM event.

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