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Update - We will be slowly converting all of our Auctioned Edition corals into Limited Editions. When harvested fragments are available they will be sold as either Silent Auctions or on the Buy It Now page. Our very rare and exotic Auctioned Edition Corals are normally distributed on an auction basis only. While the CFM Auctions site is down for retooling however, we will be selling these corals when available through a Buy it Now web page. The current AUctioned Edition corals that are being sold are listed in the table below. The Buy it Now page can be accesse by the Farmed Exotics menu on the left or by clicking the link in the table below.
New Auctioned Editions

Established Auctioned Editions

Reeffarmers Auction Policy - The Auction transaction occurs between Reeffarmers and the winning auction bidder. Winning bids need to be fully paid to Reeffarmers within 48 hours of auction closing. Reeffarmers will ship the coral as required by the auction agreement stated on corals auction page. Coral delivery must be accepted within 7 days of full payment being recieved. The following people and their relatives will be barred from all auctions: All Employees of Reeffarmers; Steve Tyree; and the reef farmer who will get ~ 50 % of any First Edition Auctions. Auctions will either be public or semi-private. Auction sales are final when the winning bidder accepts shipment of the live auction item. If the auction item is dead in the shipping container the winning bidder must provide a photo of the dead coral and its bag water to Reeffarmers (Email within 24 hours of accepting the shipment. Failure to do so will demonstrate full acceptance of the auction delivery. If a proper DOA claim was filed with reeffarmers, winning bidder is granted full refund within 10 days of the DOA claim or will accept a second attempt of delivery. If for some reason Reeffarmers cannot deliver the auction item to the winning bidder, Reeffarmers will fully refund the auction winning bid amount within 10 days of the winning bidder paying Reeffarmers. reserves the right to cancell any and all auctions prior to their start. This will primarily be due to the loss of the parent colony, slow growth or can be for any reason deemed appropriate by Reeffarmers. will ship all Auctioned Edition Fragments within Igloo Coolers to help ensure their safe arrival. Orders must be either delivered by hand locally or shipped via Federal Express next day hold for pickup. You can request a subscription to our auction email list by sending email to . Our auction email list is notified when new auctions become scheduled and when they become active. We currently schedule auctions to run from the 1st to the 8th of every month or during a scheduled Coral Farmers market event.
Auction Pricing Polcy - We are currently reevaluating our auction pricing policy. We have left Ebay auctions due to the following reasons: Ebays failure to support intellectual property rights; Ebays failure to enforce its own rules against specific sellers; Ebays failure to allow Reeffarmers to link to external web pages; and due to EBays very unpredictable high and low end bids. Suffice it to say, there are numerous sellers on Ebay who are utilizing images they do not own nor do they even possess the coral in the image. Nothing can be done to stop them. Buyers need to be aware that Ebay is not policing its best sellers properly. We will temporarily be utilizing the Corals Farmer Markets discussion forums to handle auction bid postings. The starting minimum bid price are an estimate for the going rate of corals in the spot market. This price will be raised and lowered depending on the previous auction bid history. For example - If a coral does not get a bid at the minimum bid price, that minimum price will be lowered for the next auction of this coral. The next auction will typically occur in two months and the minimum bids will be typically lowered by $25 if there was no bid on the previous auction. Reeffarmers reserves the right to distribute Auctioned Edition corals that did not recieve a bid to our private customer base. We also reserve the right to raise minimum bids for corals that frequently sell for amounts that are significantly higher then the auctioned corals minimum bid amount. The minimum bid price will be set 1 to 2 weeks before each auction and will not change until after each auction completes.
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