Limited Edition
Azul Cielo Acropora
A SniperSPS Original

Azul Cielo Acropora Limited Edition SPS Stony. Reeffarmers Fragment Image.
Branch ends are bright electric blue, while polyps are bright light bluish/white.
Branch stems are a mix of blue and brown pigments which appear purple over all.
This is the 1st Edition fragment that will be auctioned at the 2011 IE-CFM coral show.
Image Copyright © 2011 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

The Azul Cielo Acropora is another extremely rare and unusual deepwater Acropora species. Branches have a delicate morphology that is very unique for Acropora. Branch ends are bright sky blue, while polyp tentacles are bright electric sky blue. These pigments appear to only require weak to moderate light levels under a 20,000 K to remain colorful. The blue pigments are less dense along branch stems. This gives the branch stems a purple color due to the blue and brown mixing together.

This deepwater Acropora was another coral exported from Indonesia for sniperSPS (Hugo Zuniga). Hugo acquired the coral during early summer of 2011. The coral prefers low light levels and low to moderate captive water flows. SniperSPS believes that this may be a rare Acropora fenneri. The Azul Cielo marketing name for this coral was coined by Hugo and it means Electric Blue Sky in spanish.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of this coral for Reeffarmers in a 130 gallon Raceway Gyre BiZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive weak light levels from a 400 watt 20,000 K Radium metal halide. Water current is weak to moderate. The first edition fragment was auctioned at the 2011 IE-CFM Coral Show.

Copyright © 2011 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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