Reeffarmers Acropora Limited Editions

RGC Holy Grail Acro - New Limited Edition !

LOA Richard's Rainbow Stag - Recent Limited Edition !

LOA Jadis Tenuis- Recent Limited Edition !

LOA Pinky in the Pub - Recent Limited Edition !

Acropolis Acropra fenneri - New Limited Edition !

Acropolis Hugos Rainbow Stag - New Limited Edition !

Acropolis Limitless - New Limited Edition !

Acropolis Competition Coral - New Limited Edition !

Acropolis Joleens Table - New Limited Edition !

Zoanthids Trifecta Acropora - New Limited Edition !

NR Wonka Berry Acropora - New Limited Edition !

Limited Edition LE Corals from Reeffarmers are rare and exotic corals distributed when new harvested fragments become available. The Retired LE link located above lists those LE Corals we have stoped distributing. Our shipping and reservation policies are explained below. A legal restrictions notice below also defines the use of the Reeffarmers trademark. New LE corals will be listed first on the main Reeffarmers home page. After one month new Acropora, Montipora, Chalices, Favia or Miscellaneous LE corals will be moved to their appropiate subpage.
Shipping Policy - During the summer and winter is shipping all Limited Edition Fragments within 1 inch thick Uline Styrafoam Perishable boxes to help ensure their safe arrival. During spring and fall we may use a more economical insulated box liner instead of styro. We currently ship through Fed Ex next day afternoon delivered by 3 pm. UPS can be used on request. We can also do hold for pickups. Next day AM delivery may add $15 to $20 to the standard shipping fee. We guarantee live arrival and will replace the Limited Edition if the coral dies within the first week. We will need a photo of the dead coral for verification.

Legal Restrictions Notice
Customers are starting to confuse, Limited Editions that other companies develop and sell, with Reeffarmers. The term 'Limited Edition' was first used by Reeffarmers to define specific farmed corals that Reeffarmers grows and sells by fragments. They are limited and reserved ahead of time. We were not the first company to generically use the term. It has been used in the automobile and collectables industries for years. We were the first company however to use the term in describing farmed coral. We are not trademarking or copyrighting that specific use. Other reef farmers and companies can use that term. We believe it is public domain now. To prevent confusion by customers concerning which company is associated with a specific Limited Edition, Reeffarmers has developed a Trademark image that we are registering as a copyright. The image is a composite of 4 captive reef images around the word 'Reeffarmers'. You can see the trademark on our main home page. This trademark now appears in every Reeffarmers Limited Edition and Auctioned Edition web page and Reeffarmers owns this trademark. A trademarked image can only be legally used by non-owners of the trademark when specific right to use is granted by the trademarks owner. For information purposes, anyone can link to a Reeffarmers web page that contains the trademark. No one can incorporate the trademark into a web page that is not constructed and not published by Reeffarmers, if such right has not been granted by the trademark owners. This will allow Reeffarmers to inform the public that any Limited Edition Web page that contains the Trademark (located in the upper left of the page) is a Web Page published by Reeffarmers. This will avoid customers confusing another companies products with Reeffarmers. We will take legal action against anyone associating our trademark with a product or reservation of a product not sold by Informational linking to our unaltered web pages containing the trademark is permitted. If you farm one of our corals for resale, you can still provide your customers with an information only link to our pages containing the trademark. We recommend that other companies develop their own unique Trademarks and place them in the upper left corner of their published Limited Edition web pages for the coral products they develop. This will help inform customers about which company is offering a specific product.

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