Limited Edition - RG Holy Grail Acro
Original from Reef Geeks of Chicago
Established January 10th 2018

RG Holy Grail Acro Main Growout Colony at Reef Geeks of Chicago.
Imaged Under 14,000 K Metal Halide Lighting.
Multi Colored Acropora with Dark Purple Corallites Edged in Yellow Green.
Branch Stems are a Cream Blue Pigmentation.
Polyps are Dark Red in Base with an Extended Turquoise Tentacle.
Image Copyright © 2018 by Reef Geeks of Chicago All Rights Reserved.

The RG Holy Grail is an exotically colored Bali aquacultured coral with an interesting history adapting to captivity. There have been a few corals similar to the Holy Grail imported into the US captive market. Some have even developed into very colorful corals. This particular color morph has dark purple pigments on the base of corallites that are more intense near the ends of branches. Corallites themselves are edged in a bright yellow green that appears more golden yellow under Royal Blue LED lighting. Branch stems are cream blue to cream turquoise depending on lighting. Polyps themselves have pigments from red to turquoise.

Louis Cordero, the owner of Reef Geeks of Chicago, acquired this coral as a Bali aquaculture in late 2016. Initially the coral arrived in very poor shape. It had browned out and exhibited some significant tissue loss. Louis did not think it would survive, but he gave the coral a chance. It continued however to lose tissue and was 3/4's gone within a week. Louis then salvaged the remaining living section and attached it to a ceramic tile. He placed the salvaged section into his main display where it survived. It did not show any colorful pigmentation for many months. After seven months however, the previously almost dead coral began to develop its coloration. It has since transformed into one of the best corals at Reef Geeks of Chicago. The name of Holy Grail is based upon the corals miraculous survival and transformation.

Reef Geeks of Chicago is maintaining their seed colony of this coral under 200 watt 14 K metal halides. The colony is receiving strong water current flows. Food for the coral consists of live-phytoplankton, Reef-Roids and Amino Acids. Physical parameters listed below. The first edition fragment of this coral was sold February 2018 by Reef Geeks of Chicago to a local customer for $200 retail.

440 ppm
1,320 ppm
8.5 dKH
400 ppm
0.03 ppm

RG Holy Grail Acro Reef Geeks of Chicago Seed Colony.
Imaged Under Royal Blue LED Lighting.
Yellow Green Edged Corallites Appear Golden Yellow.
Branch Stems Appear Turquoise Cream Colored.
Purple Edged Corallites have Reddish Areas within the Purple.
Image Copyright © 2018 by Reef Geeks of Chicago All Rights Reserved.

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