Positive Aspects of Captive Farmed Organisms

Captive Grown Agent Orange AE Polyp
100 % Captive Grown Aquarium City Red Millepora LE

In the past, many reef aquarist believed that captive grown corals lacked color and were not as appealing as freshly harvested and imported corals. In recent years however, it has become apparent that captive grown corals can have spectacular pigmentation. They can also be much healthier. Captive grown corals typically recover from shipping stress much quicker then wild colonies. It is often just a matter of a week or two before the new captive grown coral begins to display growth. Some of Reeffarmers customers actually now prefer to purchase captive grown fragments even though in some cases a cheaper newly imported coral very similar to the one sold by Reeffarmers is available. This is because some aquarists have become seriously concerned about the declining state of the worlds tropical reefs. The effects of warming sea water temperatures are putting severe pressures on natural corals. Another aspect that is increasing the demand for captive grown corals is that more aquarists want to support coral farming. It is just a matter of time before the importation of wild stony coral colonies is severely restricted. The appeal of a coral grown within the United States may also be helping to increase demand from domestic U.S. customers.
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