Quarantine Practice Guarantee

ReefFarmers.com guarantees that all stony corals are free of the following parasites and predators: Montipora eating Nudibranchs; Acropora eating Flatworms; and Acropora Red Bugs. During the months of June and July in 2004, Reeffarmers.com treated all of its systems with the Interceptor drug that kills the Acropora Red Bugs. We did three treatments on each tank and have completely eliminated the Acropora Red Bugs. At that time we only had a mild infestation due to a couple of corals that came from a local reeffarmer. We now guarantee, as of July 11th 2004, that all Reeffarmers Stony Corals are 100 % free of the Acropora Red Bugs. We have setup a captive quarantine system and all new captive grown corals we recieve from farmers will get a two week, triple treatment of the Interceptor Drug. No captive grown stony corals that we distribute will be sent out without having recieved a complete Interceptor Drug Treatment. Please note that since the summer of 2004 Reeffarmers does not have any import holding systems witin our facility. The possibility of introducing new pests, predators or diseases from handling newly imported corals has been eliminated. So if you buy a stony coral from Reeffarmers.com, as of July 11th 2004, you are guaranteed that these corals will not have the Acropora Red Bugs. Thats a 100 % money back guarantee. Additionally, systems we have at Reeffarmers.com have never had the Montipora eating Nudibranchs or the Acropora eating Flatworms. Reeffarmers.com guarantees that our stony corals will not have these two predators. Thats a 100 % money back guarantee.
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